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Take your drivers license in English in Aarhus

🇬🇧 In English – Get your drivers license here If you need to take the driving license in another language than Danish, we can also help. I speak Danish, English and German fluently. The theoretical test in Denmark though, cannot be done in German. Only Danish or English are accepted at the theoretical test. For the on-road test you need to bring an interpreter for German or English. If you choose to take the driving license in English or German, all theoretical classes are conducted in English because the theoretical test is in English. The maneuvering track, the slippery track and the on-road test at the police can be in English or German. For the on-road test you must pay for an interpreter. If you do not know an educated interpreter, I can help you find a good one!

🇩🇰 På Dansk – Tag dit kørekort her Hvis du har brug for at tage kørekort på et andet sprog end dansk, kan vi også hjælpe. Jeg taler dansk, engelsk og tysk flydende. Teoriprøver kan i Danmark dog ikke foregå på tysk. Kun dansk eller engelsk accepteres til denne prøve. Hvis du vælger at tage kørekortet på engelsk/tysk, vil al teoriundervisning foregå på engelsk. Manøvrebane, glatbane og den praktiske prøve ved politiet kan foregå på engelsk eller tysk. Til den praktiske prøve skal du selv medbringe en tolk. Hvis du ikke kender en uddannet engelsk eller tysk tolk, kan jeg hjælpe dig med at finde en god én! Information

Theory Classes are held at this address: Rosenvangsalle 199 – 8270 Højbjerg

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Basic Package

(Min. requirements)

  • Theory (all the theory you need)
  • Maneuver track
  • 16 hours of driving on the road
  • Slippery track
  • One driving lesson in your own car (when On Road Test is passed)
  • … and at least one bad joke per hour

Total: 16.795,-
Automat gear: 17.795,-


  • Medical statement: approx. 450 kr.
  • Passport photo: 100 kr.
  • First aid certificate: 650 kr.
  • Test fee for the police: 1000 kr.
  • Car rental for the final test : 650 kr.
  • Interpreter for the final test (police): 650 kr.
  • Extra driving lesson (man. car): 650 kr.
  • Extra driving lesson (aut. car): 750 kr.
  • Booking of test (theory/driving) 100 kr.
  • Online tests to practice the theory test 200 kr.
  • Billing fee 40 kr.
  • Additional fee of 15% for driving after 6 PM (18:00) and on weekends.

Reviews 🇬🇧



Taking the driving licence at KøreGlæde was more than boring driving and theory lessons. My great teacher Kaj, knew how to combine a simple lesson with lots of nice jokes and sometimes even amazing singing concerts for free. It was quite funny driving around and at the same time being entertained by Kaj. Besides the fact that I laughing a lot during the lessons, I can state that I felt secure all the time. I was sure that if I do something wrong, and I did it so maaaaaaaany times, that Kaj would react immediately. First he would fix the problem I did and then I would get a detailed explanation of what I had messed up. Moreover, there is no need to bother about the paperwork as far as…



Taken a drivers license it was a great experience as a part of my life. I am glad that I chose Kaj to be my coach. I’m very normally very nervous . But tension almost meant anything. Kaj has been patiently guidance and encouragement. When I finally got my driver’s license, I could hardly believe it’s true. KøreGlæde is really fun driving on the road. . .



How can you, not only take your driving license fast, but actually become a skilled driver? Simple, just choose the “Køreglæde køreskole”. I cannot be happier with my choice, and now, after passing all the exams, I can only be thankful to the “happiest” driving instructor in Denmark, Kaj Grunert 🙂 Not only will he make everything seem like a fun game, but he will actually make sure to offer you the knowledge, personally crafted for you, so you can work and improve your week points as a driver. The casual atmosphere during the driving lessons will definitely give you the confidence you need during your practical exam. So if you are looking for a driving school, look no more, cause in the end, what matters most when taking such…



Køreglæde is more than a common driving school. It combines learning with joy and that is what it takes to make you feel comfortable during the courses. It is by far the best option for English speaking people in Aarhus. Kaj is a great teacher who understands your week points with a great sense of humor, empathy and great respect to any cultural background. All in all simply the best driving teacher in town.



When I started driving with Kaj, I was very insecure about my skills and rather scared of driving in general. Kaj was just the instructor I needed, who gave me concrete explanation of my problems, and patiently helped me improve lesson by lesson. His efficient planning of his workload gave me confidence that he takes me seriously as a student and that I can trust him as my driving instructor. Not only his good conscience and consideration (for example, in course planning), it is rather apparent that Kaj is very experienced when it comes to teaching. Sometimes he can explain my doubts without me asking, because he has taught so many students who have similar problems. That in itself is a big plus, esp. for me as a beginner. What…



The purpose of having a driving education is same everywhere — but you can save much time, and money as well, as have fun at the same time with a humorous driving instructor — which is Kaj. I doubt if anyone is unhappy about driving with him, if you want to get a driving license in Denmark, or at least around Aarhus region, I would definitely recommend him to be your driving instructor! I am 99% sure that you will give a similar comment as I do here, Kaj will probably give you the rest 1% during your driving time:)


Jingyuan Li

“I am so lucky!” I said it so many times to myself. I was so happy to learn driving with you. Most of the time you explained the theory so carefully to me in english, just because I can’t speak perfect danish. It was a big help to me. I really appreciated it. Thank you Kaj! “Jeg er så heldig!” Det sagde jeg mange gange til mig selv. Jeg var glad for at lære at køre hos dig. Det meste af tiden forklarede du mig teorien omhyggeligt på engelsk, fordi mit danske ikke er perfekt. Det var en stor hjælp for mig. Jeg værdsætter det. Tak Kaj!