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When I started driving with Kaj, I was very insecure about my skills and rather scared of driving in general. Kaj was just the instructor I needed, who gave me concrete explanation of my problems, and patiently helped me improve lesson by lesson. His efficient planning of his workload gave me confidence that he takes me seriously as a student and that I can trust him as my driving instructor.

Not only his good conscience and consideration (for example, in course planning), it is rather apparent that Kaj is very experienced when it comes to teaching. Sometimes he can explain my doubts without me asking, because he has taught so many students who have similar problems. That in itself is a big plus, esp. for me as a beginner.

What I like most is the summing up after each lesson, Kaj would spend time patiently explain (with his high-tech illustration) the problem with my driving this time; and gave me answers to my doubts, no matter how stupid the question was.

In my opinion, confidence is most needed as a beginner, Kaj’s positive way of teaching is most appreciated (also his many unexpected jokes that made driving much more enjoyable), and therefore I would like to recommend Kaj if you are looking for a good driving instructor :).

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